Surfing in the winter months can be a challenging and unforgiving experience, cold seas, cold air temperatures and shorter days mean a decent winter wetsuit can be the difference between enjoying your next session and dreading it. We have compiled a list of the warmest winter wetsuits we have on offer, plush fleecy linings that trap heat and dry faster, permanently attached hoods, thick neoprene and sealed seams; making the most of the winter swells never felt so easy.



By Xcel

The Xcel 6mm Infiniti Hooded wetsuit is a popular choice if you’re surfing in the coldest of waters, a favourite for Scandinavian surfers, or people located in the UK’s frigid north. Thickness is key, the thicker the neoprene, the warmer you’re going to be - and with 6mm panels covering your core and 5mm throughout the rest of the torso, legs and arms, this suit has one goal; keeping you as warm as possible.

From £329.99



By Rip Curl

The 6mm version of Rip Curl's excellent Flashbomb is a thicker and warmer option for the extreme cold water surfer. With Rip Curl's new E-5 neoprene, flash lining (which dries quickly and wicks water away from the skin for extra warmth), and seam tape to avoid any nasty seam leaking, this years 6mm Flashbomb Hooded really does mean that you can go and enjoy your surf in even the most frigid of temperatures.




By Billabong

The thickest wetsuit we stock, built to keep you warm even at the coldest of times. The ultra thick 7/6mm Furnace Hooded from Billabong is built for anyone crazy enough to surf in the most extreme of places. You've seen those clips of pros surfing with glaciers in the background and huge ice boulders floating in the foreground, well, this is the suit of choice if that is your norm. Super thick neoprene and fleecy quick drying thermal insulating lining mean maximum warmth. This suit is for those serious, winter warriors.




By Quiksilver

At the bargain price of £299.99, the Highline by Quiksilver boasts an impressive array of features at a fraction of the cost of other suits here. Do not let the lower price fool you into thinking that this is a sub-par piece of kit, the Highline comes packed with air infused neoprene, Warmflight fleecy linings and fully sealed seams. With 6mm chest and back panels it will keep you going in the depths of even the coldest winters.