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Fourth Surfboards Mini BP Base Construction FCS II 5-Fin Surfboard - White

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Item code: 245399

Fourth’s first ever mid-length surfboard has been worth the wait. The Mini Bearman Pro is a well-rounded all-rounder, a surfboard suited to almost all abilities and to the vast majority of waves you’re likely to encounter in your surfing life – and it’s here just in time for summer.

As the more attentive among you may have guessed, it’s a bit like the Bearman Pro but less… well… big. More manageable than a longboard, more stable and accommodating than a shortboard, more refined than a mini-mal, the Mini Bearman Pro is an expert at squeezing into tight spaces: steep pockets, hatchback motor cars, even the occasional cheeky barrel.

The love child of shaper Luke Hart and Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths, one of the world’s top longboarders, the Mini Bearman Pro was conceived in a Newquay shaping bay following a night of heated negotiations, foam dust flying everywhere. The full outline is married with a relatively flat, continuous rocker for maximum speed and paddle power, but there’s a good bit of lift in the tail and even more in the nose, which will aid railwork and enable the board to fit into slightly steeper wave shapes. Then you’ve got the concaves: vee in the nose into vee-double through the midpoint, which becomes a full double through the fins before reverting back into a vee out the tail.

With the high volume, large surface area, and full rails comes great stability, making this a really solid board for less experienced surfers looking for a board they can still manoeuvre. But it also means you can surf the Mini BP from various positions. Shift onto your back foot to make the most of the rounded squash and harder rails through the tail for more radical, tighter turns; scoot up towards the mid-section where the vee-double beneath your feet will help you lock into effortless trim.

Thriving in subpar surf but equally at home in clean, head-high plus waves, user-friendly but with a performance bent, the Mini Bearman Pro is set to be the feel-good hit of the summer.


  • Fourth Surfboards Mini Bearman Pro
  • Rider Ability: Good surfers will appreciate the more performance-oriented elements of its design, but with all its stability this is still a great board for beginners – one that will enable them to progress to intermediate and beyond
  • Suitable Conditions: Equally at home in waist high mush and overhead barrels
  • Construction: PU
  • Outline: A full and rounded mid-length shape
  • Tail Shape: A very rounded squash tail
  • Rocker: Flattish and continuous with a medium exit to higher entry
  • Concave: (From nose to tail) Vee to double-vee to double to vee
  • Fin Set-Up: Five-fin (surf as a thruster or a quad)
  • Fin System: FCS II

HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6'220 5/8"2 11/16"37.2
6'420 7/8"2 3/4"39.7
6'621 1/8"2 13/16"42.2
6'821 3/8"2 7/8"44.8
6'1021 5/8"2 7/8"46.4
7'222 1/8"3"52.3
7'422 3/8"3 1/16"55.3
7'622 5/8"3 1/16"56.9

Fin Set Up Quad
Fin Set Up Thruster
Fin Set Up Five Fin
Surfboard Construction PU
Surfboard Tail Shape Squash
Surfboard Types Mini Mals
Surfboard Types Hybrid
Surfboard Types Funboards


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