You’ve laid down your hard earned for a new board but you know full well that’s just the start of it...


Outside retro shapes or longboards it’s hard to think of any surfer who isn’t sticking a pad on their board now. The reasons are pretty obvious for the pros: perfect back foot traction for the most aggressive surfing. For the rest of us the pad is also a great reminder of back foot position. If you’re not sure how critical this is watch your favorite surf vid slow mo and see just how much decent surfers move their back foot around.


This is just your very most basic new board insurance policy. All leashes aren’t built equally. A decent leash is now all but unbreakable and tangle free if you look after it.


With the trend moving away from shipping your board with a set of the most basic fins you’ve got a couple of options: Slot in some old favourites or pimp your board with something new. If you want expert advice from our team on exactly which essentials would work best with your new board just give us a shout.