Xcel Drylock 5mm 2018 Split Toe Wetsuit Boots - Gunmetal/ Black

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Wetsuit Boot type Split Toe Boots


12 January 2018

They got the sizing wrong on these...think its due to the x reinforcement. I am a UK8 (too small) had to settle for a US10/uk9, which is ever so sligtly too large...easier to get on and off though. Lovely quality but a bit pricey at £85. Hopefully they'll last a while if my 2013 pair is anything to go by. They tore at the ankle, so cut them down, to use them on those not so cold days.

12 January 2018

I always buy Xcel, but have only used the boots a couple of times since i bought them. They look good and feel good! will see if last the test of time? my last pair lasted 2 winters!

12 January 2018

I've only used the wetsuit once so far, but during one of the coldest periods this winter in Holland. (-2C on land 3C water temp.) And it kept me warm for 1.5 hours. So for me this is the ultimate wintersuit. It's not cheap, but I rather spend a bit more money and stay comfortably warm during my sessions.