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Lib Tech X Lost Round Nose Fish Redux Surfboard - Clear

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Celebrating the up-and-coming 20-year anniversary of the landmark video 5'5" x 19 1/4" (starring Chris Ward and Corey Lopez) ...lost surfboards have introduced the RNF Redux into their 2017 line-up. A twist on the classic Round Nose Fish (RNF) combined with the RNF Quint, which was one of the defining boards of the time, the Redux features many odes to the classic RNF with a few tweaks to bring it bang up to date.
The classic RNF featured a narrow tail and nose template, wide outline, short length and flat-ish rocker, for the time it was introduced, it was unique and became somewhat of a classic. The RNF Quint reflected the times of the quad fin revolution, widening tails and more glide built into boards. The Quint was a great groveller but didn't match the Classic RNF for performance.

Jump to 2017, and the RNF Redux is an ode to times past, and takes inspiration from both boards, the pulled in performance and drive of the classic RNF with the glide and versatility of the Quint; a high-performance hybrid that paddles well and glides across flat sections whilst still being able to perform radical turns and gouges in critical waves.

The rocker, bottom contours and forward outline are based from the classic, the tail is a hybrid of the two. With a nod to legendary surfer and shaper Mark Richards, the RNF Redux features a distinctive fluted wing, then narrows into a sharp swallow. The deep wing and pulled in tail reduce the surface area in contact with the wave which increases feel and control when turning in the pocket. The increased area before the wing makes a more parallel outline between the feet providing planning speed and tonnes of drive, even in gutless waves. With a low overall centreline rocker, slight single concave under the front foot, this board keeps going even at low speeds, while the reducing concave as you head towards the nose allows for easy wave entry and forgiveness in and out of turns. With a slight vee in the tail the RNF Redux turns on a dime and gives you tonnes of control on rail. This radical change from single to vee from the mid-point through to the tail creates an aggressive rail rocker that engages when the board is on rail, making it feel like a board with way more rocker than it has, meaning you can achieve tight radius turns on the face and lip, much like a more performance shortboard. The front fins are placed similarly to an old-school twin fin of the 90's, set back slightly further back towards the tail. Although supplied with 5 fin plugs, the board is designed to be ridden with large twin fins up front (the MRTX Mark Richards Twins + trailer work perfectly) but you can choose either a standard thruster, quad or twin with trailer depending on your preference.

A super versatile and fun performance fish that will work in a wide range of conditions. This thing is a blast to surf and is sure to sit in the Lost line-up as another classic in the making.


  • Lib Tech & Lost collaboration surfboard
  • Nitrogenecell Foam: Nitrogen filled cell structure which is waterproof and features recycled material
  • Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin: Impact and ding resistant hexagon style layered skin for the ultimate protection
  • Woven Basalt Fiber: Additive free mineral fibre cloth which is impact and break resistant. This also helps avoid heel dents in the board
  • Bio-Matrix Resin: Uses the best qualities of polyester which has a longer lifespan than epoxy
  • Fin Box: FOC adjustable slot fin system which is the lightest and toughest fin box on the market. This can fit many 2-tab fins as well as some solid base fins
  • Tail: Swallowtail
  • Lib Tech Leash Plug: Lightweight fibre composite cup with aircraft aluminium Pin for added strength but not added weight
  • Rails: Rail protective Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fibre for flex control and pop
  • Eco Friendly: One of the most Eco friendly boards on the market
  • Fin Setup: 5 Fin setup, can be ridden as a classic thruster or as a quad
  • Designed to be strong and withstand the gnarliest of impacts
  • Please Note: This board does not come with fins
HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
Fin Set Up Five Fin
Fin System Lib Tech
Surfboard Construction MBC
Surfboard Tail Shape Swallow
Surfboard Types Fish Surfboards
Sustainability Reduced Waste
Recycled Content
Bio Resin


4 January 2018

Used international delivery, arrived on time in perfect condition!

6 July 2017

This is my third board in Lib Tech construction and very different to the puddle jumper and short round. Got the 5'8 for everyday use with MR.TFX fins and it is a great set-up. Very easy to get into waves and nice and maneuverable. The construction is very tough, but on both my other boards there are significant dents from duck diving which i found a bit of a surprise.