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Channel Islands Neck Beard 2 Spine-Tek Futures Surfboard - White

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Dane Reynolds and Channel Islands’ shaper-in-chief Britt Merrick have done it again. Thanks to its abrupt tail block and Mr Reynolds’ enthusiastic endorsement, the original Neck Beard model achieved something close to iconic status, but Dane never stops tinkering with design. The Neck Beard 2 retains the basic idea of his go-to board since 2011 – plenty of volume, a full and straight outline, speed and sensitivity in small- to medium-sized waves – but incorporates a few of his suggested improvements.

The striking sawn-off tail is half an inch wider than its predecessor's, the vee through the tail has been scrapped in favour of a single concave all the way through (extra lift and speed), and the rocker has been modified accordingly: relaxed through the nose and medium through the tail, where before it was the other way round (it's still staged through the mid-section for a really solid platform). The result is greater speed and wave-catching ability, but also increased control.

The Neck Beard 2 comes in a SPINE TEK construction that has already been proven to deliver some amazing competition results. Eithan Osborne won the Stab High Biggest Air comp and made the WSL Air Contest final aboard a SPINE TEK; then Mick Fanning chose a Channel Islands SPINE TEK for his winner of the most recent Stab in the Dark.

This board comes with Futures boxes in a thruster set up and is for any level of surfer. It will really deliver its best performance in small waves form 2-5ft.

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Channel Islands' SPINE-TEK is a collaboration with Shapers Australia. The Spine is a precision engineered stringer that is created from a unique composition of fibreglass and resin. A little bit of science become involved through the principles of elastic and kinetic energy in order to form natural flex patterns. The CI team riders were used in the development faze to assist the shapers in finding a method that found the boards best possible flex pattern.

An ideal combination was found to allow the surfboard to load up with energy during flex and then release the energy when required, helping with drive, speed, power and flow. The Spine only weighs a 1/4 of a pound and replaces the traditional heavier timber stringer. Inside this EPS construction you're now getting a board with the benefits of EPS plus the natural flex the SPINE -TEK provides.


  • Brand/Model: Channel Islands Neck Beard 2 Surfboard
  • Construction: EPS/Epoxy with Spine-Tek
  • Concave: Single throughout the board
  • Rocker: Low entry rocker, staged mid section and moderate tail rocker
  • Fin systems: Futures Boxes in a Thruster set up
  • Nose: Hybrid
  • Tail: Square!
  • Rider ability: Any level
  • Suitable conditions: 2 - 5ft


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'7"19 1/82 3/828.1
5'8"19 3/82 7/1629.7
5'9"19 5/82 1/231.3
5'10"19 7/82 9/1632.9
5'11"202 5/834.4
6'0"20 1/82 11/1635.9


Fin Set Up Thruster
Surfboard Construction EPS Epoxy
Surfboard Tail Shape Square
Surfboard Types Shortboards
Sustainability Ecoboard Project