Fourth Surfboards - Meet the Range

The Best of British Hand-Shaped Boards

Fourth Surfboards brings the best of UK shaping and manufacturing, twinning it with some of the best European Surfers and latest tech on the market. The 2018 range consists of 10 carefully placed and well thought out models and four innovative, intuitive and premium construction methods. Every model has been developed and constructed with a clear vision with sizes and construction to suit any surfer's needs.

Shaper's Words - Luke Hart

"I've been shaping surfboards for 12-years now and I have never been as proud of a collection as I am of the 2018 range. Every year we learn, that learning goes straight into how we develop our boards. We learn from constant research and development into new design ideas and materials. Our aim is, and will always be, to offer the best board for every surfer. From aesthetics, performance, longevity, sustainability and everything in between."

Chilli Bean

Base or F1X Construction

This is the most popular board in the range for good reason. The Chilli Bean is designed to absolutely maximise the fun to be had in average, everyday surf by catching almost as many waves as a longboard, gliding over the flat sections while being super responsive underfoot. The curvaceous outline, rounded tail and more relaxed rocker means that the board is designed to cruise and carve. Coming in the base and F1X constructions this is 99 per cent of surfers' dream board. The Daddy.


Base or ESE or F1X Construction

The Doofer is anything you want it to be. From mush to solid waves, it is the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. A great paddler, fast, easy to turn and holds a lovely line in the barrel. The Doofer came about from the Fourth team asking for a board that would be a bit of everything for when they travel. It is essentially a hybrid board. Available in Both Base and ESE Construction.

Reload 2.0

Base Construction

Reinvented for 2018, the Reload 2.0 is now faster, with added sensitivity and better hold on the rail to hone your progressive surfing style while keeping the wave count high. Not to mention the carbon insets through the engaged part of the surfboard to free tail flex and give you a bit more twist and torque through your turns.

E.T. Fresh

Base Construction

New to the range, the E.T. Fresh is a high performance shortboard built with every intention of allowing you to push your own limits in fun waves. The E.T Fresh is a current representation of what high performance surfing is; more hold in the pocket, with the ability to flare your style at any given chance on the wave. It's the natural progression of a high-performance surfboard - enabling not just airs and rotations but tighter turns in the pocket to really push the limit of your surfing.

Five Nine

ESE Construction

The Five Nine is a high-performance board which works in smaller waves or a performance all-rounder for the average surfer. This model is the go to groveller board for the Fourth team by being shorter and wider to excel in everyday conditions. All in all, this board will offer everything you want in small waves in order to get bigger and faster turns in the bag and more boost when looking for airs. If you want an easy-to-use shortboard that helps with day-to-day surfing struggles, such as bad waves and inconsistent technique due to not surfing enough, then this is the option for you. Available in ESE & Flexlite.

Charge 2.0

Base Construction

Fourth riders Tom Butler, Tom Lowe, Oli Adams and Gearoid McDaid all get plenty of opportunity to surf regularly in overhead surf and they want as much control as possible when getting into chunkier waves - this is where the Charge 2.0 comes into its own. The outline has a slightly wider nose template, comparative to a shortboard, which will increase the platform and lengthen the rail into a sensitive narrower tail for quick directional changes at speed and good hold in the face of the wave. Couple this with a bit of extra overall template width and you have a paddle machine that can take the wave early or be manipulated for later drops dependant on the line you want to take.

Weekend Rockstar

ESE Construction

Starting with the outline, this board has the look of a fish; a wider nose and pulled in swallow tail, but when you really dissect the Weekend Rockstar's outline you start to see its secrets. The parallel rails give this fish heaps of forward trajectory and the bullet-like tail curves offer great pivot when needed through turns. The nose, although wide, has a fast curve for the overall length of the board to make sure there are no issues with bogging rails and helping with bigger turns in weaker waves. All-in-all, you have an incredibly fast board that burns through weaker waves and utilises any sections you get with performance lines. It's easy to catch waves on, it works in anything from knee high-to-overhead waves and makes general everyday surfing easy.

Belly Shank

Base Construction

Speed, drive, mobility and flare; the Belly Shank is a great all-rounder that can be ridden in small-to-good waves, with the 2018 version offering even more drive, lift and hold. In terms of design, the Shank is fairly simple - it has a single concave running straight through from tail-to-nose, medium height and curve rockers and a tear drop outline which offers slightly more curve through the lower half of the outline than standard shortboard templates on offer today. The balance of this board offers you a high-performance all-rounder, that transcends styles, wave conditions and ability levels according to the feedback from Fourth team riders.


Base Construction

This board has been designed to utilise speed in slower sections that traditional shortboards can't reach for a fast, stable but super fun surfboard that can be ridden as a performance board in a wide range of conditions. The swallow tail design gives you pivot and drive down the line with less resistance if you want to slide the tail out for a skatey feel. The wide fish tail is super bladed out towards the tips of the swallow tails. This tail foil really helps bite into the face through turns, as it twists with the torque of the turn. Every rail-to-rail movement feels like a grind on the coping when skating.

Bearman Pro

ESE Construction

Adam “Bearman” Griffiths has had an amazing couple of years at Fourth Surfboards winning British titles, placing runner up in the Europeans, and placing in the world’s top 25 longboarders! Fourth have been tweaking his boards so much over the years and have come across a hybrid of two models that Bearman previously surfed in different conditions. Characteristically, the aims are the same; nose rides and flow, with a performance edge on rail. This board has high entry and exit rocker to accentuate rail work on waves with a pocket. The bottom shapes complement this rocker curve with a single through the nose and a slightly wider nose template than the original Bearman Pro. This offers quick response to speed manipulation and a nice platform to engage the fins when nose riding. Add this approach to the wider overall template of the 2016 model; the harder rails in the back half of the board and the softer boat rails through the nose, and you have yourself a highly responsive, stable platform that is easy to move about in a range of conditions.