Maluku Auro FCS II 5 Fin Surfboard - Green

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The Maluku Auro exerts a strange and mysterious power.

It’s not a long shortboard but nor is it a short longboard. It’s a mid-length – built to paddle fast and catch waves early, designed to trim but fine-tuned for hard bottom turns and cutbacks, combining glide and manoeuvrability in one beautifully made package. When Maluku shaper Bill Atlee gets out of the shaping bay and into the water, the Auro is his weapon of choice.

Suitable for almost all abilities and wave conditions, the Auro is endlessly adaptable. You might be a disgruntled shortboarder bored of grovelling in gutless waves. You might be a longboarder seeking a less cumbersome craft that will travel more conveniently and negotiate larger surf more easily. You might be retro-curious, or tired of trying (and failing) to surf like a WCT pro, or struggling with paddle fitness and finding that your trusty 6’0” thruster isn’t as reliable as it once was. You might be a relative beginner looking for a board you can really progress on in all conditions, but that still has plenty of float and stability. The Auro is multiple boards in one, changing in accordance with the conditions and surfer riding it.

Surf off the back foot for turns or further towards the nose for trimming and barrel-hunting.

The Auro has a 10” centre box and four FCS II fin boxes, so you can plug in and go surfing straight out of the box – the board comes with a set of FCS II black quad fins. But the alternatives are numerous, each providing distinct sensations and opening up new possibilities – playing around with them is part of the fun of the Auro. Surf as a thruster with a 3.5” x 6” centre fin, as a 2+1 with a 5.5” x 7.5” centre fin or as a single-fin with a 7” x 9” centre fin.

All Maluku surfboards are handcrafted in the UK.



HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
6'10"21"2 3/4"44 litres
7'3"21 1/2"2 15/16"51 litres
7'6"22"2 15/16"54 litres
8'022 5/8"3"62 litres



  • Rider Ability: Beginner to expert
  • Suitable Conditions: 1-5ft – basically it’s a great everyday board, well-suited to the vast majority of conditions you’re likely to encounter
  • Construction: PU/PE
  • Outline: Mid-length board with gentle curves
  • Fin System: FCS II (Fins included) + central single fin box
  • Nose: A pulled in, hull-shaped nose to allow for improved manoeuvrability compared to a traditional mal shape
  • Tail: Round / thumb-squash – a super versatile tail that's perfect for long, drawn out turns and speed down the line
Fin Set Up Five Fin
Surfboard Construction PU
Surfboard Tail Shape Round
Surfboard Types Funboards
Beginner Surfboards