Flexi-Hex Lite Single Sleeve Surf Accessory - Brown

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Please note: Flexi-Hex sleeves are sold in single units (you need two sleeves to cover one surfboard)

Single-use plastic is an issue that has plagued the surf industry for quite some time.

Surfboards bought online are often wrapped in single-use bubble wrap for protection during transit. This is the very same plastic that is damaging our oceans and beaches!

Until now there hasn't been a viable alternative to protect surfboards but the team at UK-based Boex have come up with a unique, and fully recyclable, way to wrap surfboards effectively.

Flexi-Hex is a robust cardboard sock that uses an innovative hexagonal structure for tough protection against the inevitable risks that come with transporting boards. Flexi-Hex is not only useful for shapers and distributors when shipping boards but can also be handy for any surfer to reduce the chances of damage to their board on their next surf trip.


  • The Lite Sleeve provides lightweight protection that is suitable for Shortboards, Kiteboards, Wakeboards, Skimboards and Snowboards
  • Perfect for travel use and cardboard box inserts
  • Flexi-Hex is easy to assemble and reduces traditional packing times (15-20 minutes) down to a mere 2 minutes
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard
  • Space saving
  • Dimensions: 1100mm x 35mm x 35mm
  • Expands 30mm x 600mm wide
  • The rigid 3.6mm card protects board rails and 15mm of protective honeycomb material help to protect board rail
  • High compression resistance
  • Sold Individually