FCS II Softflex Tri Fin - Black

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Fin-related injuries in the surf are always a possibility – particularly among beginners, and particularly at crowded surf breaks – but this possibility can be minimised with the help of FCS’s Softflex fins. The highly flexible urethane construction gives these fins plenty of give, meaning they’re likely to bend rather than bruise or slice in the event of collision.

For beginner surfers, who will inevitably have less control over their craft and are less practised at avoiding their own boards when they fall, they’re a much safer option – both for themselves and for other surfers in the line-up. Even more experienced might choose to opt for a set in crowded summer line-ups, for they still boast impressive performance characteristics.

  • Fin system: FCS II Tri-Fin
  • Construction: Softflex
  • Type of Wave: This versatile fin will work well in all beginner-friendly conditions
  • Family: Performer – designed to strike a balance between speed, flow and response
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Fin System FCS II