FCS Freedom 6ft Surf Leash - Black

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The FCS Freedom Leash marks a watershed moment in the not particularly interesting history of the leash – an essential accessory (hipsters excluded) that has barely changed, in terms of design and technology, in the last 20 years. Lighter, stronger, and tangle-free, the Freedom leash lives up to its name, and features a radically different construction to the conventional leash.

Instead of the standard polyurethane cord, a high-tensile, over-braided nylon cord with a distinctive, almost rope-like texture keeps your board more securely attached to your ankle while reducing drag and eliminating many of the typical leash-related frustrations that ruin a ride, a session, even a surfboard. It's lighter and thinner than you're used to – FCS don't actually specify the thickness, but at a guess it's 5mm thick max – in fact size by size it's purportedly 120% stronger than a standard cord. Other features abound…

  • FCS Freedom 6ft Surfboard Leash
  • Cord: Over-braided nylon cord with superior strength and limited over-stretch (i.e. returns to original length). Approx. 5mm thick.
  • Cuff: Precision-engineered, silicon grip print, 3mm Neoprene padding and low profile velcro
  • Railsaver: Streamlined, less drag, thinner and lighter
  • Horn: Foam filled, light and shock absorbing
  • Pull tab: Ergonomic, quick release.
  • Swivels: Stainless steel
  • Wave size: 2 - 6ft

Leash Length 6 ft
Leash Type Comp