Mark Richards Surfboards

These days there seems to be dozens of new surfboard models out every month, and that’s before you factor in the yearly updates, the obligatory 2.0 version, the step-ups and the step-downs. So it’s a rarity – and a very promising sign – when a surfboard actually sticks around for a while. Four-time world champion Mark Richards, arguably the best surfer-shaper of all time, is still making exactly the same boards he won all those world titles on some 40 years ago. When Richards, affectionately known as MR, introduced the twin fin to competitive surfing in the late ‘70s, nobody could stop him. Historic, iconic, and beautifully made, it's still a highly functional design: drivier and more versatile than the standard twin-fin fish, and amazing fun to ride. Cranking off the bottom with the MR logo under your front foot is a truly special feeling.

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