Billabong Furnace Carbon Ultra 7/6mm 2019 Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Black

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  • Wetsuit Type: hooded Full suit A21
  • Entry Type: Chest zip
  • Thickness: 7/6mm (7mm in the body, with 6mm in the arms and legs)
  • Neorprene: Smart foam. Ultra lightweight neoprene with lots of stretch, made from upcylced tires. This neoprene holds up to 30% less water and prevents wind chill.
  • Lining: Furnace Carbon lining throughout the suit, which provides warmth without added weight
  • Seams: 100% Welded seams combined with neo tape
  • Temperature rating: Approximately -1℃ - 9℃
Material Neoprene
Wetsuit Closure Chest Zip
Wetsuit Type Hooded