FCS II Power 2+1 Performance Glass Fin - Clear

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The moderate sweep (or rake) of the FCS II Power Twins combines with a full tip and longer base to produce exceptional drive and speed. They can be pushed harder through turns thanks to the large surface area – the largest in the FCS twin-fin range – but the lower depth retains manoeuvrability and looseness.

The smaller stabiliser fin provides more stability than the skatey feel of a true twin-fin but remains looser than a thruster. FCS’s Performance Glass technology is particularly popular with pros due its flex characteristics, which replicate the feel of glass-on fins.

  • Fin system: FCS II Twin with stabilizer (2 + 1)
  • Construction: Performance Glass – machine cut from layers of solid fibreglass, resulting in supremely stiff fins that maintain the integrity of the flex under extreme force


Base (mm) Depth (mm) Area (mm²)  Sweep° Foil
133.6 135.8 13835 32.7 Flat

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