Futures John John Florence 2 Techflex Thruster Fin - Black Neon Blue

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A special fin for a special surfer. For the template, John John wanted a more drivey version of the "F" fin (F4, F6, etc.), so Futures have added some additional rake and base. The Ride Number scale used by Futures goes from 1 to 10, with lower numbers indicating better speed control in powerful surf, higher numbers better speed generation in weaker surf. This fin has a ranking of 4, so it’s a balanced fin with good all-round ability. John John’s a powerful surfer who likes powerful surf, and these fins are obviously built to accommodate that power.

Light like honeycomb but stiff like fibreglass, Techflex is John John Florence’s favoured fin construction. It provides just the right combination of drive and response in all conditions – he rides his signature fin whatever the waves are like.

3K carbon reinforces the base and tip, stiffening the lightweight honeycomb core and creating a vertical flex pattern that boots drive down the line and enhances control when engaging the rail at speed. The solid and engaged feel provides added stability on late drops, as does the flat foil (inside surface), but these fins still have sufficient spring and responsiveness for smooth and lively transitions between turns.

A good set of fins is the biggest upgrade you can give your surfboard – the flex and response is palpably different to freebie plastic fins, the feel and performance undeniably superior. This is a very, very good set of fins.

  • Fin System: Futures
  • Fin Set-Up: Thruster
  • Construction: Techflex
  • Ride Number: 4
  • Ideal Conditions: John John surfs with these fins in all conditions


SizeBaseHeightArea²FoilRider Weight
Small (side)4.32"4.42"14.10"Flat48-70kg
Small (centre)4.32"4.42"14.10"Symm48-70kg
Medium (side)4.56"4.56"14.98"Flat65-88kg
Medium (centre)4.45"4.45"14.98"Symm65-88kg

Fin Options Thruster Fins
Fin Set Up Thruster
Fin System Futures