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No doubt you've heard of the dreaded Surfer's Ear. Well, it's coming for ya, and believe us when we say prevention is a whole lot more pleasant than the cure. The Balance Pro ear plugs by EQ Seals were formerly known as Sorky ear plugs, but have been upgraded with a new waterproof but breathable membrane. Optimal breathability and density allows the free circulation of air, which in turn allows the surfer's hearing (and thus his/her sense of balance) to function unimpaired. 100% waterproof and windproof, with 300% elasticity.

Also known as exostosis, Surfer's Ear is an abnormal bone growth that often leads to infection, and thrives within the ear canals of surfers, particularly those who surf regularly in colder water. Once it sets in, surgery's the only solution.

  • Medical Silicone: Ear cup and extension rib are made from medical silicone (Silicon SLR) – it's extremely flexible, hypoallergenic, chlorine-proof and salt-water-proof
  • Fit: 8mm-diameter cup is adapted to an average-sized ear canal, and will fit 95% of users aged 12+
  • Membrane: SympaTex membrane technology
  • Extension Rib: Aids removal
  • Carry Tube: Fits on a key ring, with ergonomic "applicator" designed to facilitate safe insertion in the ear


5 June 2017

great ear plugs, easy to put in but don't fall out would recomend

6 February 2017

Just started using these after I lost a pair of my Surf ears, thought it'd give another brand a go. So far they they seem to do the job of keeping water out and letting a fair bit of sound in. Better storage design means you can put them on your house or car keys so you never forget them!