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Channel Islands Surftech Fusion DC Rocket 9 Surfboard - White

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  • Channel Islands Surftech Fusion DC Rocket 9 Surfboard
  • Construction: EPS Epoxy
  • Concave: Single concave through the body that moves into a double and vees out the tail.
  • Rocker: Relaxed entry and aggressive exit rocker
  • Fin systems: Thruster FCSII boxes
  • Nose: Pointed
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to advanced
  • Suitable conditions: 2ft to 6ft


The Rocket 9 is a great all-round board that will work well for you at a range of different waves. Coming in one of the latest Channel island technologies, the Fusion Dual Core board takes the best parts of EPS and PU foam and throws them together.

The outline of this board is drawn forward with the widest section being forward of centre, while the Tail is pulled in to make it snappy and the swallow design allows for a great release. The extra volume at the front of the board, along with the relaxed entry rocker make it a breeze to paddle and the more aggressive exit rocker combines with the other tail features to make the Rocket 9 fast.

It come set up as a Thruster with FCSII fin boxes. Due to the wider outline, ride the Rocket 9 two inches shorter than your normal shortboard.

Fusion Dual Core

The Fusion Dual Core (DC) technology utilizes the strongest and lightest EPS core to create a lively and buoyant centre. A pop flex stringer outlines the board and separates the EPS core from the PU foam insert that forms the rails to give you a natural feel and responsive board. Each Fusion Board also comes with a carbon stringer for flex and horizontal reinforcements.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'6"18 3/4"2 5/16"25L
5'8"19 1/4"2 7/16"28L
5'10"19 3/4" 2 9/16" 32L 
6'20 1/4" 2 5/8" 34L 


Fin Set Up Thruster
Surfboard Construction EPS Epoxy
Surfboard Tail Shape Swallow
Surfboard Types Shortboards