Xcel Infiniti Comp Video Review

The Xcel Infiniti Comp 3/2 wetsuit, it has 3mm panels through the torso and legs and 2mm panels on the shoulders and arms to give you more flexibility when paddling

The neoprene this year in the Infiniti Comp is a brand new style from Xcel, it's got more air blown into it so not only is it lighter, it's also got more insulating properties thanks to the extra air trapped inside.

The other thing you notice straight away with this range of wetsuits is this one huge panel, it goes from just under the chest zip to just under the knees and stretched around the back of the wetsuit too.

This allows them to get rid of any sort of seam across the front and you'll notice this is a common thread across many of the high performance wetsuits from other brands as well.

Basically it means more stretch and obviously less chance of any water getting in, you'll find blue polypro lining on the inside of the big panel, it's not as thick as some other wetsuits, like the Drylock range from Xcel or Rip Curls Flash Bomb range, but it does give you the same benefits of trapping a layer of insulating air and wicking water away from your skin, whilst helping with the flexibility compared with the other ticker wetsuits.


The tape on the inside starts at the ankles and comes all the way up to the waist on the Infintii Comp, you will also see a couple of patches further up in the critical areas that need more strength.

Tape is another barrier to water coming into the wetsuit, adds to the longevity and makes it more comfortable too.

New for this season is the keypocket on the leg, it still has the elastic loop on the inside of the pocket to add an extra security measure to keep the key where it should be.

One of the things we really like about the Infiniti Comp range is the attention to detail, you can see this in the wrists and ankles, they have silicone style rubber, creating a tighter seal.

Another nice touch is one that's common to all the wetsuits in Xcel's Infiniti range, a chunky front zip, you can find it straight away and it doesn't need to be threaded onto the zipper so it's nice and easy to get off and on, there's also a drawstring to create a good seal over the shoulder.

The front zip is going to stop water flushing when you're duckdiving and when you combine that with the lining and the tape up to the wait you'll find that despite it being aimed at the performance surfer who wants flexibility throughout the summer you also get these feature which are going to keep you warm which puts it ahead in terms of warmth compared to some of the other high performance wetsuits you see from the other brands.

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