MSW Wetsuit Guide: Fit Is Everything

Your wetsuit keeps you warm by trapping water against your skin, if this water can flush in and out you don’t stay warm, you get cold.

Mid Budget

A few tips to getting it right: Firstly check the size chart. Every manufacturer uses a slightly different standard, just because you buy a medium tee shirt doesn’t mean you’re a medium wetsuit. We’re all different shapes and sizes and the better wetsuit manufacturers have responded to this with a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

We’ve long been advocates of the Xcel brand and one of the reasons is the range of sizes offered, you might be a medium build but if you’re a little shorter than average the ‘MS’ suit (Medium Short) will be your best bet. This torso length fit is much more important than surfers realise, too long in the body and the wetsuit will open up at the back of the neck allowing water to flush in when you duck dive, too short and it pulls open at the front of the neck.

It’s our experience that a great many surfers have worn the wrong sized wetsuit for years and blamed the manufacturer for it flushing around the neck. The new super stretch neoprene can leave even an ill fitting suit comfortable enough to wear.

Check out this Xcel sizing video for more information on getting the perfect fit.

MSW Staff Tip

Check the size chart - they’re normally right! - If your usual shop doesn’t stock your size don’t compromise, you’re throwing your money away!