FCS: Performance Characteristics


  • Drive provides forward acceleration and helps maintain speed through turns. The amount of drive produced by a fin is directly influenced by the base length, material and the total surface area.
  • Put simply; a larger fin with a longer base will offer more drive (more drive / less drive)


  • Pivot refers to the length of the turning arc. Pivot is influenced by the sweep angle or rake,the foil and the depth of the fin.
  • Fins with less sweep angle will turn in a tighter arc; fins with more sweep angle will turn in a longer arc. (tight arc / long arc)


  • Hold is defined as the binding of the board to the wave. Hold is determined by flex and the overall fin template.
  • Fins with more hold prevent the board sliding through turns, less hold allows the board to easily break free from the wave during turns; this is often referred to as ‘release’.