Vissla Eco Seas 3/2mm 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit - Stealth

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Material Neoprene
Wetsuit Closure Chest Zip
Wetsuit Type Fullsuit


24 July 2017

I needed a new summer suit and liked the idea of supporting the development of more environmentally sustainable gear, so went for this Vissla Eco seas. I'd not owned a natural rubber suit previously. My concerns about buying a relatively new technology in the interests of environmentalism are the same as yours would be - cost; flexibility; warmth; durability. I've split the review into these subsections. (I would add style to that list, but you can make your own mind up based on the photos above. I think its looks pretty tasty ...its all in the cuff detailing and embossed logos!). To give you an idea of my benchmark/expectations - my previous summer suit was a 3 seasons old C skins Rewired which was starting to get a bit leaky. I have a Rewired winter suit too. Cost - I was looking to pay around £190-240 on a traditional neoprene wetsuit, so I figured it wasn't a massive jump in cost. Try and use a MSW voucher code to get some more pennies off! (or use to get 6% off MSW purchases). Having got the suit, I would say that the technology, materials, finishing and style all make it feel like a top end suit anyway. Flexibility - Good. Not as quite as supple as my C skins was (which was phenomenal), but it doesn't restrict my paddling at all. Warmth - I've worn it twice so far. in breezy late July surfing around Bude in north Cornwall. I've been very toasty. There is a full fleecy lining (made of recyled plastic bottles) which keeps the warmth up. The cuffs have a smoothy lining on the inside and are a snug fit, so no water flushes your sleeves - a really neat feature that I'd like on my winter suit. The seams were all watertight as I'd expect them to be. Fit (directly related to warmth!) - The Vissla's fit is very good. I am 6'1" and about 12 st 3lb so ordered a medium tall and its damn near perfect. I have a 16" collar size and the neck fit is excellent (not too loose or tight). The internal flaps of the closure system isn't quite as neat as a c skins (the clamshell flaps come down lower and are wider), but it hasn't affected my warmth to date. Durability - time will tell, but it looks like its made to last. The ankles have neat rubber injections onto the top of the lining which should prevent the lining fraying that wetsuits with straight cut ankles and cuffs always seem to suffer from. All seams are taped for strength and the workmanship is fault free. So... overall I'm really pleased. If I were scoring this as a non-eco suit, I think it would get 4.5 stars. throw in the environmental credentials and it hits 5 stars for sure. If it proves to be durable this summer and autumn then a hooded winter version will be on order come January (...if they do one! Whats the plan Vissla/MSW?).