Haydenshapes Untitled Surfboard - White

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  • Fin system: Futures Thruster (Fins not included)
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to Pro
  • Tail Shape: Pulled in swallow, single wing
  • Rocker: Low overall rocker with a higher tail rocker
  • Suitable Conditions: Knee- high to Overhead (2'-6')
  • Template: The slightly fuller template gives the board enough volume to perform in mushier waves and the drawn in winged swallow tail with single concave to vee allows you to reach top speeds in all conditions

The Haydenshapes "Untitled" is Hayden's first ever swallow tail board and is designed to be a responsive all-around performance board that also works well in everyday conditions. The flatter deck profile through the chest means that the middle third of the board carries the majority of the volume providing ample paddle power and stability when it's not pumping. The flatter entry rocker once again will enhance the paddle power of the board allowing the rider to generate speed in less than ideal conditions

The winged swallow tail creates a lot of bite and directional hold through the back foot allowing for successful rail-to-rail surfing. The single concave to vee double in the tail helps to generate speed even in the mushiest of conditions with the higher tail rocker allowing the rider to turn aggressively off the top. The deep single concave on the "Untitled" is deeper than on any other board in the HS range and is designed to generate a lot of down the line speed and improved lift in weaker waves. To compensate for the added volume in the board there is a responsive medium rail shape allowing the board to connect to the face of the wave and provide a responsive feel

The Haydenshapes "Untitled" really is the best of both worlds that packs a lot of performance features into the back third whilst maintaining good paddle power in the middle and great acceleration throughout. A fun and responsive board in all conditions and an ideal addition to your quiver.

Futureflex Construction:

Designed by Hayden Shapes founder Hayden Cox, Future Flex is a revolutionary construction that combines a stringer-less, custom shaped EPS core with biaxial fibreglass, epoxy resin and a parabolic carbon fibre frame. The outcome is a construction that offers speed like no other by storing and then releasing energy at the board transitions through various turns and manoeuvres.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'719 1/42 5/1626.84
5'919 3/42 7/1629.94
5'1120 1/82 9/1633.15
6'120 3/82 11/1635.98
6'320 5/82 3/438.15
Fin Set Up Thruster
Fin System Futures
Surfboard Construction Futureflex
Surfboard Tail Shape Swallow
Surfboard Types Shortboards
Surfboard Types Fish Surfboards