Futures John John Florence 2 Alpha Thruster Fin - Carbon Green

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John John Florence tends to ride his signature Futures fin in the stiffer Techflex construction, even in smaller surf, but the Alpha version of the same template is arguably the better choice for everyday surfers in everyday waves. John John's a powerful surfer and likes surfing powerful waves, and Techflex suits his needs perfectly, providing really good speed control. Alpha fins are springier and have a livelier feel, their medium flex pattern making them a more balanced fin and better able to generate speed.

The John John 2 Alphas rank 5.5 on the Futures Ride Scale, whereas the Techflex version has a ranking of 4 (a lower number means better speed control, a higher number better speed generation). This is the exact template John John won his world titles on in 2016 and 2017 – it's a slightly bigger and more drivey version of the "F" template, with additional rake and base.

  • Fin System: Futures
  • Set-Up: Thruster
  • Construction: Alpha (moulded carbon fibre infused with air, medium flex pattern)
  • Futures Ride Number: 5.5 (1 = max. speed control in powerful surf, 10 = max. speed generation in weak surf)
  • Ideal Conditions: This is a balanced fin, designed to go equally well in all conditions
  • Size: Medium
  • Recommended Rider Weight: 65kg - 88kg

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