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Fourth Surfboards Doofer FCS II 5 Fin Surfboard - Blue/ Black Rail Fade


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Product Details

Item code: 140407

Fin Set Up Five Fin
Fin System FCS II
Surfboard Construction PU
Surfboard Tail Shape Rounded Pin
Surfboard Types Shortboards


22 February 2018

Good allround board with loads of volume for easy paddle. I trashed one fin plug after surfing the baord for a few days (the plug got pushed inside the board) but I may be the one to blame ;-]

6 July 2017

Was undecided between a few alll rounders and settled on this, not disappointed. Down from a 6'4" on my regular shortboard to a 6'0" and I am getting into waves no problem and finding carves and turns are a lot of fun with the Doofer. Happy surfer!

11 April 2017

Got this board to be my main one. Was mostly riding a 6'11 x 19.5 and a 6,0 x 20. Totally does what I want. Have only had it out in 3ft good walling waves and 1-3ft mushy stuff so far around Lahinch. Easy to paddle into anything and when you are up it feels really responsive and positive. Really looking forward to trying it in some good groundswell.

4 April 2017

Perfect Order Process and Delivery and the board is awesome, not much more to say! Again for sure!

10 February 2017

Great board for different conditions, nice paddler and fast on the wave. Easy and loose to manouver as well, feels like a skateboard under the feet. Best board I bought in a long time.

9 February 2017

Really enjoying this board. It goes great in most conditions as it's supposed to do. Wish I'd bought the epoxy though, already had a couple of cracks just from use, not knocks. A touch fragile

8 February 2017

Great all-round shortboard, seems to work well in a lot of conditions. I've had it for a few months now, been out in waist high up to few feet overhead, onshore mess and clean lined up swell. Before this I was mainly riding higher volume retro boards but this board seems to be really improving my surfing, and is the first board I've had where I'm not constantly wondering if some other board would be better for the conditions. I'm a fairly intermediate surfer, around 80kg, and the 6'4" is ideal for me, catches waves, fun to surf, and fairly easy to duck dive.