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Creative Army Jive PU Surfboard - Clear

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  • Creative Army Hive surfboard
  • Outline:Slightly pulled in tail for drive in turns and its subtle pulled in nose helps with tighter turns without catching in those steeper sections of the wave.
  • Fin Setup: Single centre fin
  • Tail Shape: Rounded tail for smooth turns
  • Rocker:The Jive has a medium rocker with a flat panel through the mid section which makes this board paddle with ease and flows through those dead sections
  • A slight lift in the nose makes those late take offs easier and also helps with lift while nose riding
  • The slight lift in the tail makes for nice drive and tight arch through your turns
  • Construction: PU construction that uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes
  • Contours: Slight concave in the nose creates lift while hanging those toes over.
  • The flatter midsection creates speed and trim and the slightly rolled vee through the back half makes for ease of rail to rail transitions
  • Performance: Perfect all rounder, From flat to double overhead this is one of the funnest boards you can have in your quiver

The Jive Model, is a sleek lined trimming machine. Its single fin set up makes it super smooth thru rail transitions and its rolled bottom and pulled in nose and tail makes it feel unreal for smooth swooping turns while keeping the accelerator on. Its flatter nose rocker makes for epic nose riding.

This board excels on those head high plus days, a great alternative when its a bit big for your log but you want that single fin glide.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
9'122 5/82 3/462

Fin Set Up Single
Fin Set Up 2+1
Surfboard Construction PU
Surfboard Tail Shape Rounded Pin
Surfboard Types Longboard Surfboards


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